spinhandspun designs

constructive fence in destruction site

the seagulls really enjoy this “man made” lake.
the grass is littered with chunks of fence.
remember those plastic six pack holders?
to me, this seems like a duckie death trap.

perhaps i’ll cut slits in every link some day,
so the birds don’t pull a Daphne du Maurier…


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yeah, seriously, did they leave it there on purpose? where is this taken? it’s kinda of ridiculous. they are some really pretty photos, you took, though–and i really like the presentation of your site.

also, thought an eco-minded person like you might like the artist I just wrote up at http://www.adiosanticipado.wordpress.com

Comment by drewfbush

What a great bloggy.. I am ejoying looing about.. I adore polaroid, and have an ancient one that takes blue washed out fuzzy pics.

And a while ago I saw waeving done with that orange material, in a really posh gallery. Could not help but feel ripped off…. and I really cant say why..

Comment by grrl+dog

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