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Call for Entries: Stories in Textures with Daina Taimina
February 16, 2010, 5:16 PM
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Fiber Stories with Daina Taimina

Hyperbolic crocheter Daina Taimina has announced an open call for participation in her experimental fiber project tentatively titled, “Story in Textures.”

Last month, Taimina retired from her profession as a Mathematics professor at Cornell University. Because she experiences difficulty expressing this emotional transition in words, Taimina has begun outletting her feelings through fibers.

Her hope is that, if someone asks her how she feels about her academic career and retirement, she will be able to hand them a tangible object that expresses her loss for words. The challenge will be creating beautiful work that also represents the pain of her transition.

Taimina is inviting other fiber artists to express a story or emotion through small fiber work ranging between 20 and 50 centimeters in any direction. Whether you include the story or emotional experience that inspired you is optional. Entries must be received by the end of March at the latest in order to be included in her talk at the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Arts’ “Textures” conference in June.

For more information, visit http://fiberforthought.multiply.com/ (you do not need to register to view the site).


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Thanks for posting this call!
please see also
you DO NOT need to register to see this site.
the shape of your work does not need to be square – those are just approx. dimensions.

Comment by Daina Taimina

Daina: Strange! I was just on my way to ask you for your contact information when you posted this. I’ll update the main body of the post to reflect the info in your comment. Best of luck with the conference in June. I hope to be submitting a piece your way.

Comment by spinhandspun

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