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What began as personal record of my fiber exploits has evolved into a resource for likeminded artists and fans of the craft. Subscribers have access to artist reviews, media updates, opportunities, calls for entries, book reviews, tutorials, and inspirational content via one source: Spinhandspun.

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The relationship between technology and humanity is symbiotic: neither can advance alone. While digital progress increasingly connects our communities, it also restricts social settings to industry-standard interfaces and prescriptive molds.  Ideas are communicated instantaneously (despite physical distance) via symbols that, en masse, become incomplete representations of reality.

My work asks interactive symbols and humanistic imperfections to shake hands. By covering construction sites, road signs, and personal devices in handmade representations, we are reminded that our industrial interfaces deserve a second skin: softer, warmer, imperfect, and tattooed with subtle reminders of our flaws.

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[…] delight led me to concur with Kristin at Spinhandspun Design who observes that: By covering construction sites, road signs, and technologies in handmade […]

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Hey, the website looks great! I had not seen it in a while..

Comment by Martyn

Thanks, Martyn! As does Old Roads. Hope all is well with you!

Comment by spinhandspun

@ Kristin

I was interested in what you were doing, and I didn’t even get around to asking about a possible commission idea that I want to do. That said you should start to show your face a bit at the space and we can talk about things. I am really glad that you had an explosion of ideas, as it has happened to me many times at meetings and I’ll let you know that it doesn’t get old. Further I think I told you but I love that Nina lady I my latest project is inspired by one of hers I have started working on it over at http://www.themountainfold.com/rocks it’s inspired by the rock thing that she did I need to put up a description of it. We can chat via email….did you get the forwarding thing figured?


Nice site too by the way.

Comment by Paul

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