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Belgian Natural Gas Stop Motion Cozy Install
March 21, 2010, 3:14 PM
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I guess i’m excited, because i beat Craftzine to this post by a full two days… SPIN WIN! For more on reverse stop-animating your unraveled projects, check out equally well-edited making of:


Aeolia: Knitwear Incorporates Stretch Sensor Technology

Aeolia is a multidisciplinary collaboration headed by Philip Breedon, Amanda Briggs-Goode, and Sarah Kettley at Nottingham Trent University.  Through the marriage of textiles and technology, each Aeolia garments transform their wearers’ spatial interactions into low frequency feedback using Merlin Stretch Sensors.

Each of the back forms (left) incorporates the Merlin stretch sensor into an aesthetic exploration of textile technique mapped to the body through weaving, knitting, and embroidery. In motion, the elastic fit of Bekaert yarn activates its stretch sensors by changing the length of their conductive knitted path.

Aeolia’s collaborators write, “In combining feedback from remote land based sensors below, upon and above the earth with biological data from the individual wearers of the body pieces, the work draws attention to different forms of engagement with the world.”

Martha Glazzard originally developed these knitted stretch sensor technologies (below). In addition to utilizing her technique, Aeolia incorporates embroidery work by Tina Downes, weaving by Nigel Marshall, and garment fitting by Karen Harrigan.

The project has since expanded to encompass an Aeolia Cello, which uses Glazzard’s knitted stretch sensors in combination with conductive thread to create a wearable musical instrument. The Aeolia team will be taking its cello garment to the Tangible and Embedded Interaction 2010 Conference at the Media Lab, MIT later this week.

Watch the cello shirt in action during its dress rehearsal:

Industrial Felt Designs

Carga Messengers, Carga

Unzippable UM Bags, Josh Jackus

Bookwave Hanging Storage, Mehtap Obuz for Ilio

Buzzilight, Buzzispace

Wine Carrier, Graf & Lantz

6 Pack Wine Rack, Etcetera Media

Table Top Accessories, Filzfelt

Knot Seating, Yvonne Ip for Made

Peacock Chair, Dror

Re:Cover and Folder, Fredrik Farg

Diamond Garland, Jeanie Lai for Moufelt

A-Z Refrigerator Magnets, MiChiMa (Industrial Exception)

Tricot Machine — Les Peaux de Lièvres Video
January 16, 2010, 1:17 AM
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Please enjoy this music video by the French band Tricot Machine, where than 700 real wool knits have been animated to create a poetic interpretation of Canadian winters.

Tricot Machine — Les Peaux de Lièvres

Urinal Cakes: An Art History

Every artist has their reason for bringing a urinal into the gallery…

Fountain, Marcel Duchamp (1917)

Fountain (After Marcel Duchamp), Sherrie Levine (1991)

Self Portrait as Fountain, Bruce Nauman (1967)

The Remember Your Hands Project, Kristin Boehm (2009)

Urinal, Nathaniel Vincent (2004)

Nathaniel Vincent… I would like to hear more about yours…

Subversive Yarn.ning : Social Networking Site for Yarn Artists

Attention yarn artists! Looking for ways to share your work and gain inspiration from other like-minded folk? Rachel Elwell of the fabulous Art Yarn blog has created the social networking site Subversive Yarn . Ning for knitters and crocheters alike! Members have access to event promotion, portfolio sharing, forums, group discussion boards, and more. Below are just a few examples of member work:

Word on the Street, Vancouver. September 27, 2009.

Photo courtesy of Leanne Prain & Mandy Moore

Zoe’s Cover of the Sculpture

Jade on Her Park-Bench-Couch

Photos courtesy Matthew Venables via Michelle McCosker

Knit a Poem

Crime Scene Do Not Cross

Photos courtesy of Molli the Woodtagger

Knitted Plastic Bags

Photo courtesy of Denise Litchfield

The Shed Jumper Project

Self Assembly: Crocheting Ikea Curtains

Photos courtesy of Rachel Elwell

Plastic Jellyfish

Handspun Plastics

Photos courtesy of Rockpool Candy

Again, check it all out at: http://www.subversiveyarn.ning.com !

Uncommon commonalities
January 4, 2010, 12:53 PM
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Speaking of Magda Sayeg, she’s come out with new designs to customize your iPhone via Uncommon. I, too, have been planning to upload a few of my own designs to the site now that the holidays are over. My hope is that the plastic printed exterior acts as a sort of meta-spinhandspun pun [read: a spinhand-pun!?]…

You can find her full selection of ipod cases here.