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Giant VaSquid Complete!

Giant VaSquid with Removeable Eyes for Easy-Access Handling

I’ve finished my squid-cozy for the 2010 Vaksa Cozy Contest. It has been knitted and felted in 100% pure Merino wool. The legs and tentacles are lined with purple flannel underbellies, then stuffed, and I have wet-felted its removable eye from raw roving fibers. That said, my fish probably want their fish tank accessories back…


“Reserve A King His Space”

The nice thing about felted materials is that they stick to rough surfaces, such as this ancient beast of a tree. Once the king of the forest, this beloved fir was struck by lightning a number of years ago, though Star Islanders (Cass Lake, MN) still trek through the heavily wooded Chippewa National forest to observe its majesty.

The scene is jarring in comparison to this cozy’s originally site-specific intention (and also inspiration), an abandoned K-Mart construction site:

The cozy was originally designed to fit over the top of industrial Reserved Parking signs, and will be transported to an urban landscape in the fall.tree

New Submission to the Remember Your Hands Project
August 17, 2009, 10:59 AM
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submitted by Lauren Semivan

submitted by Lauren Semivan

Submitted by Lauren Semivan, photographer (Detroit, MI).

Cozy’s June Journey to Michigan on the Lake Michigan Car Ferry!
July 17, 2009, 10:53 AM
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New Submissions for the Remember Your Hands Project!

“We tried the cozy on various public objects on the Lake Michigan Carferry as it made its way slowly across Lake Michigan from Manitowoc to Ludington. Though it looked fetching on the various vintage hooks, facets and handles, the cozy settled gracefully on a kitchen sink faucet handle at a mansion in Pontiac, Michigan where it is hoped it will be discovered by another artist! Some photos were made in low light situations on moving vessels so excuse the camera shake!” — Julie & Johnny (7/17/09)

More images of the journey under the cut!
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coming soon from spinhandspun
May 11, 2009, 11:08 AM
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Reserve a king his Space...

“Reserved Parking”
Shot on Polaroid 430 Land Camera
Fujifilm FP-100c

coming soon from spinhandspun: a cozy for this sign (another site specific installation).

photo taken from coconspriators.

constructive fence in destruction site

the seagulls really enjoy this “man made” lake.
the grass is littered with chunks of fence.
remember those plastic six pack holders?
to me, this seems like a duckie death trap.

perhaps i’ll cut slits in every link some day,
so the birds don’t pull a Daphne du Maurier…

April 29, 2009, 1:38 AM
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knitted, felted construction cone.
bridge renovation at dusk.

knitted, felted construction cone.
bridge renovation at dusk.