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Sore Knees, Brain ‘Splosion
February 13, 2010, 7:57 PM
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A quick THANK YOU to everyone who came and played at the Hack Factory this afternoon! The turnout was phenomenal, and my brain is exploding with ideas after talking with all of the makers, families, and newbie felters.

The Ugly Necklace is truly a thing of beauty thanks to all of your hard work, and I promise post photos as soon as I have stitched all of your bizarre and brilliant beads together.

Keep in touch! ~ Kristin


It’s Been a Classy Run… And Now For My Valentine’s Day Post!
February 9, 2010, 3:58 PM
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Free Valentine’s Day Pattern: Edible Knitted Thong
by Dawn Payne

Valentine's Day Knitting

Licorice Knitted Valentine's Day Thong

This Valentine’s Day, adult entertainment star Dawn Payne presents her newest excursion into the realm of all-things-naughty via her pattern entitled “302 Calories” (a.k.a. an Edible Knitted Red Lace Thong).

Materials? One set of chopsticks, and a couple packs of Red Lace licorice.

Dawn Payne, my friend, you are a laugh riot. And I quote, “Always wanted a pair of edible panties?.. Cast on at the beginning of a movie, and the panties will be ready for dessert after the credits!”

For the full pattern, visit: 302 Calories

Aeolia: Knitwear Incorporates Stretch Sensor Technology

Aeolia is a multidisciplinary collaboration headed by Philip Breedon, Amanda Briggs-Goode, and Sarah Kettley at Nottingham Trent University.  Through the marriage of textiles and technology, each Aeolia garments transform their wearers’ spatial interactions into low frequency feedback using Merlin Stretch Sensors.

Each of the back forms (left) incorporates the Merlin stretch sensor into an aesthetic exploration of textile technique mapped to the body through weaving, knitting, and embroidery. In motion, the elastic fit of Bekaert yarn activates its stretch sensors by changing the length of their conductive knitted path.

Aeolia’s collaborators write, “In combining feedback from remote land based sensors below, upon and above the earth with biological data from the individual wearers of the body pieces, the work draws attention to different forms of engagement with the world.”

Martha Glazzard originally developed these knitted stretch sensor technologies (below). In addition to utilizing her technique, Aeolia incorporates embroidery work by Tina Downes, weaving by Nigel Marshall, and garment fitting by Karen Harrigan.

The project has since expanded to encompass an Aeolia Cello, which uses Glazzard’s knitted stretch sensors in combination with conductive thread to create a wearable musical instrument. The Aeolia team will be taking its cello garment to the Tangible and Embedded Interaction 2010 Conference at the Media Lab, MIT later this week.

Watch the cello shirt in action during its dress rehearsal:

Becky Stern’s Body Technology Interfaces
January 28, 2010, 1:40 AM
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Becky Stern

Make Magazine blog writer Becky Stern of Sternlab.org has spent the past year knitting a humorous series of Body Technology Interfaces that spotlight our engrossment in modern technology. Unlike knitwear, which is designed to move with the body, Stern’s wares emphasize the lack of motion involved with technological interfacing, and are instead intended to provide comfort, warmth, and privacy in public settings. Her hope is to bring critical awareness to our absorption in personal electronic devices, and ways they mentally and physically dominate our everyday behaviors and public activities.

To encourage personal communication, Stern invites participants to design and sketch their own Body Technology Interface with her. These designs are then packaged as a kit containing parts and assembly instructions. She asks that participants photograph and document their thoughts and experiences using these creations to Becky@sternlab.org for the project website.

Laptop Compubody Sock for privacy, warmth, and concentration in public spaces

Cell Phone Ski Mask

Keyboard Interface for Computer Programming

More images are available on Flickr™.

Industrial Felt Designs

Carga Messengers, Carga

Unzippable UM Bags, Josh Jackus

Bookwave Hanging Storage, Mehtap Obuz for Ilio

Buzzilight, Buzzispace

Wine Carrier, Graf & Lantz

6 Pack Wine Rack, Etcetera Media

Table Top Accessories, Filzfelt

Knot Seating, Yvonne Ip for Made

Peacock Chair, Dror

Re:Cover and Folder, Fredrik Farg

Diamond Garland, Jeanie Lai for Moufelt

A-Z Refrigerator Magnets, MiChiMa (Industrial Exception)

Tide Pool Project: Call for Entries

Tide Pool Project: Call for Entries

Crochet Copper Sea Anemone submitted be Anna Kuchel Rabinowitz

Textile Nudibranch (Sea Slug) by Anna Kuchel Rabinowitz of New York, USA

Dungeness Crab by Elizabeth O’Donnell of Kodiak, Alaska USA

Felt stones by Inge Norgaard Port Townsend, Washington USA

Elizabeth O’Donnell has announced a fabulous new opportunity for fiber artists interested in drawing awareness to the importance of our coastal waters and their role in maintaining the health of our planet. She writes:

I am seeking submissions from fiber artists around the world to create a collaborative tide pool made up of textile stones, kelp, anemone, barnacles, octopi, crabs, shells and other related flora and fauna.

Submissions may be no smaller than 2 inches and no larger than 6 inches in any direction. Artists may work in any textile discipline (i.e. knitting, felting, sewing, crochet) and are encouraged to create 3 dimensional works OR 2 dimensional surfaces with raised detailing and embellishment. Recycled materials are also acceptable, as garbage and debris pose a threat to coastal wildlife that ingest or otherwise become entangled in discarded trash and lost fishing gear.

All objects received will be documented online with credit given to artists and links to blogs or websites. Please include your name, city/state/country where you reside, email address and URL you would like us to link to. There is no limit to the number of objects that can be submitted. Submissions become the property of the International Textile Tide Pool Project. Deadline for submissions is January 15th, 2011.

My goal is to create a textile tide pool that will bring awareness to the importance of our coastal waters and the delicate and critical balance they play in the health of our planet. This project has the potential to travel to destinations that are further removed from the sea to inspire and kindle the imagination, and bring the sea to people who might not have ever experienced the marvel of exploring the thriving biodiversity found in tidal waters.

I am currently working on a website for this project and will exhibit this collaboration at the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge on Kodiak Island OR in an actual swimming pool if I can obtain permission from the proper local authorities. We have a new public pool under construction and an old one that will eventually be demolished. Once the installation has been installed and documented, I hope to find other cities around the world that are interested in hosting this exhibit and drawing attention the importance of the health and sustainability of our oceans worldwide.

Please mail all submissions to:

c/o Elizabeth O’Donnell
P.O. Box 3075
Kodiak Island, Alaska
99615 USA

For more information, visit http://www.tidepoolproject.blogspot.com/

Tricot Machine — Les Peaux de Lièvres Video
January 16, 2010, 1:17 AM
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Please enjoy this music video by the French band Tricot Machine, where than 700 real wool knits have been animated to create a poetic interpretation of Canadian winters.

Tricot Machine — Les Peaux de Lièvres