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Sweet Porridge: A Stop Motion Animation
February 15, 2010, 11:50 PM
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This afternoon, I uploaded a high quality version of my Sweet Porridge stop motion animation to Spinhandspun’s Youtube account. The original was completed in 2007, and features a cardboard house of thrifted furniture whose handmade inhabitants are overcome by a porridge avalanche.

If it existed, The Making of Sweet Porridge would feature me stabbing myself in the hand while watching Baraka (specifically, the part with the chicks), flinging six quarts of oatmeal into the Wisconsin snow, and confusion upon realizing (at the critique) that our prompt was to address the cult of celebrity in mass culture.

This particular story has been adapted and translated into AT&T Text to Speech from a Grimm’s fairy tale, and the dolls are embellished with yarn from upholstered wire armatures.

I had spent the summer of ’06 learning how to spin wool, and the original version was my first YouTube video. Its upload on Valentine’s Day 2007 marks the beginning of the pseudonym Spinhandspun. Happy third anniversary, alter-ego.