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Belgian Natural Gas Stop Motion Cozy Install
March 21, 2010, 3:14 PM
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I guess i’m excited, because i beat Craftzine to this post by a full two days… SPIN WIN! For more on reverse stop-animating your unraveled projects, check out equally well-edited making of:


It’s Been a Classy Run… And Now For My Valentine’s Day Post!
February 9, 2010, 3:58 PM
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Free Valentine’s Day Pattern: Edible Knitted Thong
by Dawn Payne

Valentine's Day Knitting

Licorice Knitted Valentine's Day Thong

This Valentine’s Day, adult entertainment star Dawn Payne presents her newest excursion into the realm of all-things-naughty via her pattern entitled “302 Calories” (a.k.a. an Edible Knitted Red Lace Thong).

Materials? One set of chopsticks, and a couple packs of Red Lace licorice.

Dawn Payne, my friend, you are a laugh riot. And I quote, “Always wanted a pair of edible panties?.. Cast on at the beginning of a movie, and the panties will be ready for dessert after the credits!”

For the full pattern, visit: 302 Calories

Giant VaSquid Complete!

Giant VaSquid with Removeable Eyes for Easy-Access Handling

I’ve finished my squid-cozy for the 2010 Vaksa Cozy Contest. It has been knitted and felted in 100% pure Merino wool. The legs and tentacles are lined with purple flannel underbellies, then stuffed, and I have wet-felted its removable eye from raw roving fibers. That said, my fish probably want their fish tank accessories back…

Uncommon commonalities
January 4, 2010, 12:53 PM
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Speaking of Magda Sayeg, she’s come out with new designs to customize your iPhone via Uncommon. I, too, have been planning to upload a few of my own designs to the site now that the holidays are over. My hope is that the plastic printed exterior acts as a sort of meta-spinhandspun pun [read: a spinhand-pun!?]…

You can find her full selection of ipod cases here.

New Items Available

Need a last-minute gift idea?

New items are available at: www.spinhandspun.etsy.com

And don’t forget — I’m offering FREE SHIPPING for the holidays!

Dexatromis ipod/iphone/mp3/cellphone case. ($22 with free shipping)

Felted willow branch napkin rings (set of four). $20 with free shipping.

Autumn rooted ipod/iphone/mp3/cellphone case. ($22 with free shipping)

More Completed Customs
December 17, 2009, 3:37 AM
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Gerald Murphy’s “Watch” for: Natalee Will.

Bichon Frise. for: P. Christopher Williams.

To request a custom commission, e-mail me at spinhandspun@gmail.com or visit my Alchemy page on Etsy.

Three New Custom Completions

Alice holding a Flamingo in Wonderland, for Sarah Page

German Coat of Arms, for Allison Boehm

Pooh playing Pooh Sticks, for Hannah Kinney

To request a custom commission, e-mail me at spinhandspun@gmail.com or visit my Alchemy page on Etsy.