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John Binet-Fauvel’s Knitted Wire Sea Creatures

John Binet-Fauvel

Born in Jersey’s Channel Islands, John Binet-Fauvel’s oceanic roots have inspired him to craft sea creatures by recycling wire from slot machines, electric motors, transformers, and other found objects through the process of frame knitting. As a child, he fashioned tubing by winding wire around four nails stuck into a wooden cotton reel. Now, he uses the technique of French knitting, or spool knitting to sculpt his designs. The process is similar to finger-knitting, yet utilizes more elaborate, multi-pronged frames. While Binet-Fauvel creates his own frames in the shapes neededs to produce his elaborate forms, the wire’s stiffness allows him to further refine his figures.

He and his wife run the designer textile business “Melissa Warren”. His works are available on Etsy at: johnbinetfauvel.etsy.com.


spinhandspun.etsy.com gets a facelift, plus new cases are available now!
November 3, 2009, 4:40 PM
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two new cases available, plus three completed commissions
October 11, 2009, 6:49 PM
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Visit: spinhandspun.etsy.com

Two-colored cabled diamonds. Available now!

Peacock Paisley. Available now!

Thumbprint. custom requested by: Jess H.

Mr. Sapperton. custom requested by: Tommy Rodengen for Nina Mostegl.

Sunflower with belt loops. custom requested by: Tommy Rodengen.

August 25, 2009, 9:45 AM
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my right fingerprint

i met a woman who worked for Martha Stewart. she told me that what the public demands are cupcakes. i seek to test this claim.

purple martin birdhouses. custom requested by: freesia mckee.

“Reserve A King His Space”

The nice thing about felted materials is that they stick to rough surfaces, such as this ancient beast of a tree. Once the king of the forest, this beloved fir was struck by lightning a number of years ago, though Star Islanders (Cass Lake, MN) still trek through the heavily wooded Chippewa National forest to observe its majesty.

The scene is jarring in comparison to this cozy’s originally site-specific intention (and also inspiration), an abandoned K-Mart construction site:

The cozy was originally designed to fit over the top of industrial Reserved Parking signs, and will be transported to an urban landscape in the fall.tree

Andrea Zittel’s Six Month Uniforms

Andrea Zittel

Andrea Zittel utilizes fibers and felting in many of her stunning “Six Month Uniforms” that are intended to be worn for much longer than the society she interacts with in them deems acceptable. Interestingly, Zittel developed her own crocheting process by replacing the crochet hook with her finger, allowing her to complete her work anywhere provided a single strand of yarn.

Zittel’s other work explores functional living, and she designs self-contained multifaceted units that compartmentalize an individual’s lifestyle into small, efficient spaces. It makes sense, then, that her textile work would focus in the durable ready-to-wear category… ready to wear everyday for the next six months, that is!

signs of wear and tear
August 6, 2009, 8:39 AM
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About a week ago, I was reunited with the first case ever designed by spinhandspun — a hexapus i made for a friend back in late ’08. I’ve since abandoned using fuzz-balls in place of other techniques, but continue to geek over the worn and torn look the pieces achieve after a few months of hands-on pillage. This one holds a special place in the collection.

[photos taken with my three year old Sprint LG Fusic — also showing signs of wear and tear…]