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Knitting from the Inside Out: Designs by Inmate #200244
February 15, 2010, 8:55 PM
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Mutual friends brought #200244 to my attention last winter. At the time, I was writing a literature review on the effectiveness of art therapy in the prison system and yarnstorming Spinhandspun into screaming infanthood. #20024’s subversive dog sweaters intrigued me, and his big house crochet inspired many components of my thesis.

On the outside, #200244 created projects using the materials around him. A painter and mixed media artist, he learned to crochet in lock up through a program that teaches inmates to make blankets, hats, and mittens for charity. With enough practice, he took to crafting his own designs.

For #200244, creating is a privilege: “I am fully aware it’s all I have, so I appreciate it a lot more. I pretty much live to make the next piece better than the last.”

Recently, #200244 has made the switch from crocheting to knitting to save on yarn. He has also taken up veganism, and begun a pink stuffed animal series in addition to more sweaters.

In the future, he hopes to meet a farmer who will let him knit sweaters for his cows, and has a garment in mind for Yoko Ono. That said, he predicts Ono will be less receptive than the cows.

Below are a selection of images from his current collection. Each item is moderately priced, and available for purchase. Contact julie@shimonlindemann.com for information.

Photography by J. Lindemann & J. Shimon.

#200244, #200244

Smoking Skull, #200244

Skull and Pig, #200244

665 + 1 = Fun, #200244

Grenade, #200244

Pink Elephant Sweater, #200244

Yoko, #200244

Math, #200244

Potted Skull, #200244

Pink Elephant with Pants, #200244

Pink Elephant, #200244

Pig, #200244


Google Chrome Gets It
December 22, 2009, 6:00 PM
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A few weeks ago, a friend gave me the heads up on a new Google Chrome promotional video, stating:

Here is a little video that made me think of you…

1.) For your love of technology and what it does to people and…
2.) For your love of yarn.

The good part starts at… 3:35 but the whole thing is worth watching.

Below is the portion which starts at 3:35.

For the complete, equally creative video, click here.