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Giant VaSquid Complete!

Giant VaSquid with Removeable Eyes for Easy-Access Handling

I’ve finished my squid-cozy for the 2010 Vaksa Cozy Contest. It has been knitted and felted in 100% pure Merino wool. The legs and tentacles are lined with purple flannel underbellies, then stuffed, and I have wet-felted its removable eye from raw roving fibers. That said, my fish probably want their fish tank accessories back…


More Completed Customs
December 17, 2009, 3:37 AM
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Gerald Murphy’s “Watch” for: Natalee Will.

Bichon Frise. for: P. Christopher Williams.

To request a custom commission, e-mail me at spinhandspun@gmail.com or visit my Alchemy page on Etsy.

K’Nex Lightbox Tutorial

After months of photographing my work with so-so results, I decided it was time to invest in a lightbox. And what better way to do it than to Do It Yourself? In search of the perfect supplies, I raided my parents basement and came across my favorite childhood toy: a box of K’nex!

If you’re wondering what a lightbox can do for you, look no further than my dingy-yellow digital ‘graphs in the K’nex building portion of this tutorial, then compare those to these images taken inside of the completed K’nex lightbox. Lightboxes keep your colors looking bright, reduce shadows, and make sure your images look clean and professional. Follow the tutorial below to create your own…

Knex lightbox.
Knex structure without screen.

Screen removes to photograph both from top
and side.

Photographing from the top.

Photographing from the side.

Three eyelets per corner.

Eylets overlap onto Knex to hold screen in place
at corners

Click Here for the Full Tutorial!

“Reserve A King His Space”

The nice thing about felted materials is that they stick to rough surfaces, such as this ancient beast of a tree. Once the king of the forest, this beloved fir was struck by lightning a number of years ago, though Star Islanders (Cass Lake, MN) still trek through the heavily wooded Chippewa National forest to observe its majesty.

The scene is jarring in comparison to this cozy’s originally site-specific intention (and also inspiration), an abandoned K-Mart construction site:

The cozy was originally designed to fit over the top of industrial Reserved Parking signs, and will be transported to an urban landscape in the fall.tree

Photographs from Leech Gallery Exhibition

Photographs taken from the 2009 Senior Art Majors Show at the Leech/Hoffmaster/Kohler Galleries, in the Wriston Art Center at Lawrence University.

The show runs from May 22nd – August 2nd, 2009, and is open with free admission to the public.

The empty fish bowl is where the “Remember Your Hands” cozies were located. All 56 cozies were removed by viewers opening night, though more are on their way. Hopefully, more participants will be sending photo submissions as time progresses!