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K’Nex Lightbox Tutorial

After months of photographing my work with so-so results, I decided it was time to invest in a lightbox. And what better way to do it than to Do It Yourself? In search of the perfect supplies, I raided my parents basement and came across my favorite childhood toy: a box of K’nex!

If you’re wondering what a lightbox can do for you, look no further than my dingy-yellow digital ‘graphs in the K’nex building portion of this tutorial, then compare those to these images taken inside of the completed K’nex lightbox. Lightboxes keep your colors looking bright, reduce shadows, and make sure your images look clean and professional. Follow the tutorial below to create your own…

Knex lightbox.
Knex structure without screen.

Screen removes to photograph both from top
and side.

Photographing from the top.

Photographing from the side.

Three eyelets per corner.

Eylets overlap onto Knex to hold screen in place
at corners

Click Here for the Full Tutorial!