spinhandspun designs

“Remember Your Hands”

Participants were asked to:
1. Remove one cozy from the gallery
2. Cover an industrial public object with
this cozy (e.g. toilet flush/door handle)
3. Document using your camera or phone
4. E-mail photo to: spinhandspun@gmail.com
5. Follow the collective progression at: http://www.spinhandspun.wordpress.com

submitted by Lauren Semivan

submitted by Lauren Semivan

Submitted by Lauren Semivan, photographer (Detroit, MI).

“We tried the cozy on various public objects on the Lake Michigan Carferry as it made its way slowly across Lake Michigan from Manitowoc to Ludington. Though it looked fetching on the various vintage hooks, facets and handles, the cozy settled gracefully on a kitchen sink faucet handle at a mansion in Pontiac, Michigan where it is hoped it will be discovered by another artist! Some photos were made in low light situations on moving vessels so excuse the camera shake!” — Julie & Johnny (7/17/09)

“Here you go, hope they help!” — Erik (5/27/09)


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